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Professional Boxer Zab Judah Stops to Recover at Troy City Cryolounge!

Professional Boxer Zab Judah knows exactly how important recovery is especially in the aggressive sport of boxing. He stopped into Troy City Cryolounge to get a dose of recovery. We work to bring all the inflammation down with whole body cryotherapy! Inflammation is the general cause of pain and if we can bring it down even slightly through cryotherapy, then relief will be experienced. Replacing the ice bath, athletes around the world use cryotherapy claiming it to be more effective and tolerable.

After getting the professional boxer through his whole body cryotherapy session, Zab stated "I felt a difference instantly with a boost of energy". Effects of cryotherapy are not only instant, but progressive as well. Many cryotherapy clients feel a better difference the following day with some effects even leading into the third day. Troy City Cryolounge knows recovery and wants to help all athletes both professional and upcoming to get the recovery they require!

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