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Troy City Cryolounge Helps the Elderly at Somerset Senior Expo

The sunrise senior expo was an extraordinary event. Educating those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation on the benefits of this new modality called Cryotherapy. Although cryotherapy has been around since ancient times, it was whole body cryotherapy thats has begun to receive much attention in the United States. Invented in 1978 as a way to relieve the pain of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, cryotherapy has quickly become a holistic alternative to pain relief medication. Effect are felt instantly as well as progressive as the day continues, Many more benefits are experienced the day after with some leading into the third day.

Troy City Cryolounge made its way to the Sunrise Senior Expo to continue to help those in need of a quick and effective way for better health and wellness.

All Guests 55 years or older receive 20% off ANY Service

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