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IV Hydration and Vitamin Infusion Therapy

RevivU proudly offers IV hydration and vitamin infusion therapy in Rochester, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of care!

IV hydration and vitamin infusion therapy are game-changing treatments that can have a powerful impact on your health and well-being. By delivering essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, IV vitamin infusions ensure that these nutrients are absorbed immediately, providing a rapid boost to your body's systems.

Whether you want to enhance your performance, boost your energy or metabolism, support your immune system, or recover from illness or surgery, we have a solution for you.


Our personalized approach to treatment ensures that each of our clients receives a customized infusion plan tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Signature Infusions

Elevate your wellness journey with our signature IV hydration infusions, designed to replenish and rejuvenate your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. Experience personalized hydration solutions that cater to your unique health needs, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed.


Myers Cocktail Infusion

On a Run

Superformance Infusion

Sled Push

Totally Revivu

The Original IV that started it all! The Myer’s Cocktail is still a fan favorite for Immunity, Prevention, Recovery, and more!

Ingredients: Vit C + Magnesium + Calcium + B1 + B3 + B2 + B5 + B6 + B12

Feel Like a Super Hero With This Amazing Energy Booster! Athletes Love It!

Ingredients: 2X B12 + 2X L-Carnitine + B1 + B3 + B2 + B5 + B6 + Taurine

Signature Formula to revitalize you from the inside out. A powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants work together to make you look and feel your best!

Ingredients: Vit C + B1 + B3 + B2 + B5 + B6 + Amino Blend + Mineral Blend + Glutathione

Balancing on Yoga Wheel

Stay Balanced

Balance yourself with this incredible blend. May Reduce PMS Symptoms such as Cramps, Bloating, Irritability, & Abdominal/Lower Back Pain!

Ingredients: Magnesium + Calcium + Zinc + B1 + B3 + B2 + B5 + B6 + B12


The Works Infusion

Designed to support cellular vitality, boost immunity, and enhance overall energy IV Nectar MD To The Rescue! Add Toradol for Instant Relief!

Ingredients: Taurine + Folic Acid + Vitamin C + Magnesium + B12

Diet & Detox Infusion

Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, and Increase Energy. Oh Yeah!

Ingredients: B12 + B1 + B3 + B2 + B5 + B6 + Glutamine + Arginine + Ornithine + Lysine

Running Outdoors
Hugging a Pillow

The Fix Infusion

Feeling sick? Under the weather? Run down? However you describe it, you deserve to feel better…Faster! Ingredients: Vit C + B1 + B3 + B2 + B5 + B6 + Zinc + L-Cysteine

Brain Illustration

Brain Booster Infusion

Brain Fog? This Mix is Specially Designed to Help Enhance Cognitive Function, Information Processing, and Memory. You'll Love the Way You Feel!

Ingredients: Folic Acid + B12 + L-Taurine + Alpha-Lipoic Acid


Beauty Bag Infusion

Energy Plus ++ Skin Health in One! Combat Acne, Improve The Appearance Of Wrinkles, Revive Dull Skin, and Improve Hair & Nail Health!

Ingredients: Vit C + B1 + B3 + B2 + B5 + B6 + Biotin


High Dose Vitamin C Infusion

Give Your Body the Nutrients it Needs to Heal Naturally! Anti-oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, and Immunity Booster! Promotes Collagen Growth, and the Absorption of Iron!

Ingredients: Vitamin C+++


BYOB - Build Your Own Bag

Feeling Dehydrated? This IV Bag Will Gives the Hydration You Need to Feel Better Again.

Ingredients: 1000ml 0.9 Sodium Chloride + 2 Add Ins

Drinks with Friends

The Afterparty Infusion

After you Party Hardy, you don’t want to join the Hangover Club the next morning. That’s where this amazing cocktail shines! A combo of hydration, vitamins, and medications to help you feel better ASAP!

Ingredients: B1 + B3 + B2 + B5 + B6 + Magnesium + Manganese + Copper + Selenium + Zinc + Toradol + Zofran

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