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Infrared Sauna at  Revivu!

"HOT" Therapy

for an overall healthier living!

Infrared Sauna is a hot therapy for overall healthier living. Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light can penetrate human tissue, which produces a host of health benefits making infrared saunas one of the “HOTTEST” therapies for overall healthier living. If you want to regain balance, an infrared sauna may be the ticket to achieving your wellness goals.


Our infrared Sauna is the FIRST and ONLY to offer near, mid, and far infrared technology. This intelligent technology is proven effective and customizable to individual needs and allows you to track results. It is not just a sauna but a wellness tool that adapts to your health needs over time.

Spa Stone Sauna Troy City Cryolounge

Experience the Infrared Sauna

Customize your experience

Exactly how you want like using our 10.1” Android-powered control panel inside the sauna.

Choose from 7 Wellness Programs

Detox, Anti-Aging, Weight-loss, Relaxation, Cardiovascular, Pain Relief, and Sunshine.

Track your results

Your heart rate and how many calories you burned may be tracked with any Bluetooth capable heart rate monitor or fitbit.

Control the heat

Choose exactly which heaters you would like on and at what temperature you choose.

Let there be light

Adjust lights on, off, or to any color you choose for a chromo therapeutic experience; Therapy of light and color.


Browse online, play music, watch movies, or stay connected with social media all inside the sauna.


Relax: Infrared Sauna at Troy City Cryolounge


Our sauna is designed to encourage the purest form of relaxation and stress-reduction.

infrared sauna
infrared sauna
infrared sauna
infrared sauna
infrared sauna

What is the difference between an Infrared Sauna and a Traditional Sauna?

Infrared Saunas use infrared heat instead of hot rocks or steam used in traditional saunas. Infrared, heats the body directly opposed to heating the air and then your body in a traditional sauna.

What is infrared?

Infrared light (experienced as heat) is the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum with the ability to penetrate human tissue, giving a soothing, natural warmth. It is naturally occurring from the sun and is the basis for our sauna therapy. Infrared technology is therapeutic because it is 95-99% efficient at heating the body directly rather than simply heating the air. It works to raise the core body temperature to produce a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level where the majority of toxins reside.

Is infrared safe?

Infrared heat is completely safe and healthy for all living things. You can be exposed to infrared light for hours without the risk of burning. Infrared is a naturally occurring output of the sun, but does not contain the harmful UV rays associated with unprotected sunlight. In fact, infrared heat is so safe, it is used in hospitals to warm newborn babies.

Is it hard to breathe inside the infrared Sauna?

 Since Infrared Saunas heat up your body directly, you will be able to sit in the sauna for an entire 45 minute session with no difficulty breathing.

What do I wear in the sauna?

Guest wear whatever they feel most comfortable with. Guest typically wear gym attire, bathing suits, shorts, etc. We provide complimentary robes at the lounge as well. 

Infrared Sauna FAQs

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