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Cryotherapy at Revivu!

keep calm and freeze on cryotherapy at Troy City Cryolounge

the "COOLEST" therapy

Metro Detroit's  premier cryotherapy provider!

At Revivu, we are proud to be a full-service cryotherapy provider. We specialize and are certified in all major types of cryotherapy. We offer Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), Local Cryotherapy, Facal Cryotherapy, and Hand Rejuvenation Cryotherapy. These multiple types of cryotherapy allow us to target everyone's goals and need specifically!



Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is the process of exposing the body, from the neck down, to ultra-low temperatures in a controlled environment for a limited amount of time. The resulting effects are a widespread of health and wellness benefits.


How does  cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy exposes the skin to ultra-low temperatures in a controlled environment.

The extreme cold activates a central nervous system response.

Natural enzymes, adrenaline, and endorphins release as the body increases blood circulation.

Enriched blood reduces inflammation by clearing toxins, lactic acid, and metabolic waste.

Relieve and effects are felt instantly, lasting 24 to 48 hours afterward.


Health and Wellness at Troy City Cryolounge
Beauty and Anti-Aging at Troy City Cryolounge
Fitness and Performance at Troy City Cryolounge

Health & Wellness

Fitness & Performance

Beauty & Anti-aging

Enhance mood​

Increase in endurance 

Collagen production

Body pain management

Reduce anxiety

Reduce swelling & inflammation

Improves immune system

Arthritic pain relief

Headache relief

Faster muscle recovery

Increase in blood circulation

Enhanced endorphin & energy release

Quick healing of injuries

Reduces cellulite

500-800 caloric burn

Minimizes wrinkles & fine lines

Increases metabolism

Improve skin condition & elasticity

The Revivu Cryotherapy  Experience!

1)  Check-In.

Complete a short questionnaire which assesses for physical readiness and health status.

A certified cryotherapy expert will then explain what to expect and answer any questions.

2)  Prepare.

Head over to our changing rooms to change into the required cryotherapy attire.

All guests are provided with gloves, a brand new pair of socks, shoes, and robe to wear to and from the cryosauna.

All personal belongings may be locked in our secured lockers.

3)  Cryo!

Enter the cryosauna when instructed by the technician and begin your one to three minute session.

The technician will remain at your side the entire time until completion of your session.



  • Cryotherapy dates back to ancient civilizations as early as 2500 BC.

  • Egyptians used it to treat injuries and inflammation.

  • In 1978, Whole Body Cryotherapy was developed in by Dr. Toshiba Yamaguchi as a treatment for severe rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Due to a high level of success and many clinical studies the treatment quickly spread to Europe being used by trainers, athletes, and physical therapists.

  • Today, it has become a health and wellness modality in the United States, being used by sports teams, chiropractors, physical therapists, and for those looking for new and improved health and wellness techniques.

ice mountain cryotherapy at troycity cryolounge

Cryotherapy FAQs

How long is a cryotherapy session?

Full Body Cryotherapy: 1 to 3 minutes

What does full body cryotherapy feel like?

Full body cryotherapy is a very dry tolerable cold that ranges from -110*C to -130*C while inside the cryosauna. As soon as you step out many clients report a pins and needles feeling resembling that of when your leg "falls asleep".

What do I wear in the full body cryosauna?

Here at the lounge we provide all guests with the mandatory shoes, brand new pair of socks, gloves, and robe to go to and from the cryosauna. In addition:

Ladies: Have the option of wearing a sports bra (no underwire) and underwear or nothing at all. The more skin exposed the better the therapy session.

Men: Must wear boxers or shorts

Should I take a shower before or after?

You should NOT take a shower before hand . You must be completely dry for any cryotherapy. If you take a shower before hand you must wait an hour or two to ensure that your body is fully dry to do cryotherapy. After cryotherapy, you may go about your day normally or even shower.

What if I am claustrophobic?

Our Cryosauna has the ability to leave the lid open from the top for guests that are clausterphobic. You are never locked inside of the cryosauna and at the push of one finger you may exit at any time.  In addition a certified cryotherapy specialist will be with you the entire therapy session. You may even try standing inside the cryosauna without it on to get a feel for the experience. We will only start your cryotherapy session when you feel comfortable to do so.

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